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Project Description
... a flexible 3D utility knife, which enables artists and technical professionals to rapidly build their vision.

The DarkWynter engine is designed for students, researchers, and industry personnel interested in rapidly prototyping 3D applications. It has been constructed in response to the vizualization community's need for a modular system which can support a variety of research and educational gaming requirements. We focus on extending simple override systems to the user, making it easy to prototype new technologies quickly. The student or researcher is provided a flexible architecture with default behaviors built-in. The specific area of research can be overridden with minimal support development. Through our efforts we hope to provide the flexibility and horsepower necessary to generate modern 3D applications within the 3-5 months students have available in the semester.

Far from being a simple XNA engine, we integrate approximately 30k C# lines of code with around 3k GPU graphics and computational code. Project development interfaces allow for extension (or replacement) of major engine components using a simple override pipeline. Other features include:

- Layered MVC-extended architecture with data-centric pipeline execution
- 3D Object Data Model
- Engine override hooks
- Draw and GPGPU shader architecture
- Build and Deploy Tools
- Configure as a Form, or a UserControl that plugs in to other .Net applications.

More Info at : The DarkWynter Website.

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