Welcome :-)

Jul 8, 2008 at 6:54 AM
A truly networked game-system...
Where users can hyperlink from game to game..
Different worlds, hosted from different servers.
A 3D web-game.

If you are an Xna developer and want to get involved then drop us a line.
We welcome any and all feedback that you may have to make this system better.

We are stage producing an engine and are reaching out to the Xna community as a whole.
The Application, Content, and Game packages are dynamically loadable, so we can load any number of projects from the same install.
This allows us to prototype code in our Game package, only promoting systems to the Engine package when the code has matured and is tested.

We include the Engine and Stream source code to facilitate debugging.
You are welcome to use the unmodified source code to create games, research technologies, or use for academic applications.